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Universities of Germany, and especially the University
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associated with clonic spasms. Ordinarily the spasm is painless. Some-
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3. In Noremlwr, 18r>0, 1 examined a slavc-girl, aged 18, in an
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Meanwhile nothing had occurred to denote any cerebral disease, except that
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to apply. Insanity is a fourfold disorder. It is known to us by dis-
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this college are reduced to $65.00. The announced fees in the cata-
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voprosu o llecheuii perelomov massage'm. [On the treat-
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The bowel was carefully stitched to the margin of the wound.
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hemiplegia without loss of consciousness, with aphasia ; and, the
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treatment a drop from a double or triple to a single plus may
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tality in cases of ovariotomy are nothing — it is entirely secundum a?'tem to make
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more valuable for that purpose than any work of the
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of purified marrow, melt it in a glass or stone-ware vessel, and
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into the innermost recesses of the tissues themselves,
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of ointment seems to irritate many cases. It has been my custom to
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Mineral Waters. — This name is given to those natural waters
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subject among writers. Leyden regards the coincidence
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creased vocal fremitus over the area of dulness. At
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Graefe, son or grandson of the celebrated baron distinguished in
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myself and my friends from infection through myself as
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The question whether or not pathogenic organisms may occur in
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with abdominal pain and occasional chills followed by
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catarrhal conditions of the genital apparatus are rapidly cured
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indicating its number, the author's name and an indication of
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" Proh superi ! quantum mortalia pectora caeca? noctis habent ! "
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heart," which, he says, is characterized by abnormal fre-
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produced complications ever afterward beyond his con-
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cases, however, the tuberculous process is apt to follow its usual course in
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rhage to cease, or to operate. Against operation, there is the
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and received certificates to practise, on Thursday, January 31,
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and irritating substances can lodge or sacs or pockets form,
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of inquiry, in regard of diagnosis, is, whether there be any means of de-
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to disease and to bring it on at an earlier age and even at birth, thus
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to the use of carbon dioxid gas in inflating the stomach. Ewald
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'""'■ " , "■'■ "■■'":J,.l m M,,.. „,,-. i,, I,.,.;, II. ,„.,,,i„^, ,
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tant influence. Cases have been known to occur in four generations. The
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were alnaost neglected till Professor de Quatrefages had it for
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tonsils and adenoid growths as, in many instances, cases of