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Phillips, H. H., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., appointed House-Physician

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action are unfelt, the culprit in some cases might still be

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examination in operative surgery which has made us quite as

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burgh, No, 1.— RegutaMjns as to application of Parliamentary grants, etc."

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warns us not to reject absolutely the possibility' that such a patho-

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vascular element is quality, that is, whether the pulse is hard or

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limate which are difficult to explain. Thus, the peasants in the district

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a small he k upon a large subject are well known, and the

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crystals of nitrate of urea appeared, showing that the parotids were

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unvaccinated, tliey would have yielded, not the actual 1, but

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Pertussis is essentially a spasmodic nervous disease affecting

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gestions by a note on the subject in the Journal of June 10th.

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prognosis. Of 106 fatal cases of chronic (interstitial) nephr-

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of peppermint- water, or if the breath is foul, with i gr. of permanganate

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second day the oadema was hardly perceptible, on the third

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pleura and the pericardiiun, giving rise to true but secondary pneu-

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ulcer, and on May 7tli slie had partakea of a heavy and indigestible meal,

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in part from the accumulation in the muscle of the pro-

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Bbodie, C. Gordon, F.R.C.S. On a NewMethod of Studying the Elaatloitr

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The parish of St. George, Southwark, the poorest and most

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Glycosuria or true diabetes may also develop in diseases of that

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evidently about to die unless relief was given, and trephining

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chloride; ;!, 12 minutes alter ; 4,24 mluutes ; 5,27 minutes; s, 3u

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cases it is usual to find new growths widely disseminated over the

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instruction in chemistry, in<-ludingchemical physics, practical cheiiiistry;*Yt

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acquainted with the numerous details attached thereto.

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C. A. Harrison. He was breathless from bronchitis and emphy-

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towns like Dover or Folkestone because the passengers had

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that country, while typhus was rare. In England, on the other hand,

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cisive proof being furnished in every case by the presence of

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and pneumonia supervened. He seemed to be overpowered

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deaths, and that the cause in all cases was the eating of pork

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canal aroimd which all the structures of both the gray and white matter

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the thyroid, which may weigh from 500 to 1000 gr., to the pituitary

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paralyzed, the deformity is marked. The shoulder is at a lower level;

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on the tongue in the form of slightly raised white spots, which increase

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that the pnlmonaiy epithelium resembles the endothelia