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gold chloride in a 100 ml glass stoppered amber bottle.

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evolution of gas if carbonate be present. The granules are readily stained

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ture and pulse normal ; appetite good ; gaining flesh rapidly.

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way. A boy of six years had a lotion of arsenic and sweet oil

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hostlers, and with the proverbially dishonest dealer, which oppro-

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attempt made to discriminate between this and others of the continued

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Closing remarks by Dr. Klein were to the effect that, though

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a. Remove paraffin in xylene (two changes), absolute alcohol

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flask of capacity equal to 10 times the volume of the

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establishes the secretion of urine, the skin becomes soft, and temperature

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and the 0.2 mg at 20 mm. The color comparison can be

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Variola semiconfiuens, or coherent smallpox, is where the pustules touch

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as described in paragraph 217c (3). Then 0.5 ml of 0.5-

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where they had no horses, and during this time she had abso-

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the act itself, the pain is not necessarily severe, — it may be con-

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A. punctimacula y A. aquasalis, A. bellator, and A. albitarsis are

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Zenker's fluid. If Zenker's solution is used, after 4 to 24

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(c) Inoculate two tubes of fluid thioglycollate medium

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of homoeopathy or are directly opposed to its tenets. Many of

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(1) Stock sodium nitrite solution, 50 percent As described

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tured, probably at its thin posterior part near the periphery. The

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streptococcus of erysipelas {Streptococcus pyogenes), or sterilised culture

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of the nerves controlling the superficial circulation, thus pre-

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when the asthma is temporarily worse, the ultimate result is

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percent NaCl solution is added to make a 1.0 percent

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patient felt so much better that she was anxious to go home, and

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gm of sodium nitrite in 80 ml of distilled water. The

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friction when it relaxes, by putting the child to the breast, by the

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lesions, and sometimes from the nasopharynx early in the disease.

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may readily mask the real nature of the disease at its onset. The so-called

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naturally. Headache gradually passed away, and at 10 A. m. took

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(1) Specimen collection. The "rice water" stools of cases

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and ejecting the solution back into the 50-ml flask. Mix

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owe their freedom from the necessity to take the almost daily

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dicated on the label. Care must be taken to incorporate

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it might be better to speak of a shrinking liver, and a shrinking or

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does not drive his machine to its utmost, but very carefully

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by giving one or more small subcutaneous inoculations

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cient calcium chloride (5 ml of 5 percent anhydrous

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