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lave died while in attendance upon the yellow fever
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fail, or have but slight effect. It is especially in this
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chested youths and girls, of whom we have spoken, in their attacks of
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the office knew exactly what was the matter with him, and
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exempt from them ; they are not known to be contagious or trans-
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and the failure of these to stain with Sharlach R, would indicate " vacuolar "
baclofen drug interactions side effects
mixed infection probably plays a more important role
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action of the heart. It is a common experience that bullets frequently lodge in
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him to relinquish an otherwise valuable little table, showing
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on the bottom of the left foot near the small toe ; from this
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they come on when the patient is engaged in some considerable mus-
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directions strictly, has treated fifty-one patients with uncomplicated
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clusters are broken up and the globules are more homogeneously dis-
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of securing nursing service for nothing has led to so many
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whether in his opinion the facts assumed would constitute
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At the close of the 3 preceding weeks the cases in hospital had been
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may be called into action altogether independent of the nerves (Haller),
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diabetes ; for tabes this is not the rule. Peripheral neuritis increases
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that the power to raise the standard of medical edu-
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Extracts from the notes of the case as kindly given to me by Dr.
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what course this advance takes. Atrophy of the optic nerve was only
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which already showed a good deal of dryness in the first week, now is
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Under " Diseases of the Kidneys " Mr. Henry Norris is the principal writer.
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We publish in this issue an interesting letter respecting
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Her general health being good, no medicine was given.
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statement of the seat of the virus ; it may further afford
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signed to temporary duty at this Headcpiarters. in the
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pointing to formative processes being arrested probably between the third