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curials it controls inflammation and promotes absorption of

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reduced this part of the work to a minimum. Of theoretical lectures

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The names of Willan and Bateman in Britain ind of Alibert

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tive treatment of the diseases of the prostate gland and its

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underlying muscle tissue. Two or three of the nodules showed slight

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sicians everywhere recognize it as a valuable auxiliary

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In substitution for the important derivative action of exercise

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excised. This step will be further facilitated by the use

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not only to produce nervous quiet but also to permit

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with success by gt L Desgranges on February st S. This is the

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there were not any marks of recent peritonitis present. Yn

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to days. With skin units perforating gangrene took place

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have been carried into the uterus and in the second place to

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In cases of occlusion of the mouth and nose the density of

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think lias not been fully recogni.sed viz. the interference

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tertiary stage of syphilis and there is a division of opinion on the

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Comprising his Lectures on the Principles of Surgery A Treatise on the

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whatcA er conservatism he noAv is in the habit of employing. It is

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to encourage its study amongst the different races of mankind.

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matter too often neglected. With independent supply ducts and

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rolling of the eye with which that plate never comes into

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col particulare componimento organico. Salute Genova

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Thefe two Diforders likewife differ as t amp their Caufe and

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surgeons throughout the civilized world. In former years the high

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of the fenforial power of afibciation which is caufed by the too

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paign than when I am here talking to health officers. I tell my

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after the philosopher s stone.f The successful employment

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of glanders only when other symptoms of glanders are present. This remark

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follicle an found to lie simply in a space in the ovarian

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experiences on the effect of sahne solutions injected

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