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complain of pains in the back and loins and along the sciatic nerve ; others
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animal. In the controls large numbers of bacilli were found in the
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spired air was 5 per cent had increased in the urethane cat
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labor, mental or physical," Price, ^i-oo '^ bottle. In
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increased sensibility of tl^ epigastrium, irritability of the stomach,
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profound collapse. He said this was the first sickness he ever
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per se. All lesions of nervous tissues result in (1) impairment or abolition,
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decillionth part of matter is more operative than the whole ; some
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always dillicult ; it may be confounded with acute mrniiKjilia of the con-
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phages. There is marked hyperplasia of the bone marrow with more
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solidation may remain unchanged while the impairment of the
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nity of observing the progress of the fatal cases, did not present
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tetantic spasms, etc. The tetanic spasms sometimes resemble the phe-
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and no biologic differences have been detected. A serum prepared by
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nishes the best prognosis. Eeynolds states that the more obscure the
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tionable. The labouring poor of Philadelphia now had a less lavish
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> Quincke found an abnormal quantity of iron in the liver, and regarded that as a proof of great destruc-
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of cholera, in which no discharges had taken place from the sto-
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Kronig and Paul (10) showed that when anthrax spores are killed by disinfect-
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the fibrous cord; e, fibrous tissue that formed about the band. There is almost
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until late, and then not markedly. As these patients approach death,
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death. General paresis occurs in connection with insanity from diffuse
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When the influence of ether is complete, all voluntary motion is
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tempted to drink, he was seized with the most agonizing sense of
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tion and are parallel to each other ; the entire thickness of the coats
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condition for days, and finally die apparently from cerebral congestion.
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Fig. 9. Section of skin from an 18 day old chick embryo showing a nodule
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Dr. Hartshorne to see the case with him. Dr. H. considered it
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has given rise to the supposition that these conditions represent the