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eight out of ten sisters were affected and one of these eight had four

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ture of the same individual. It is common knowledge that the

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perature was normal. Said he had had the same trouble be-

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ance and before the return of consciousness. The re-

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When a person is known to have eaten anthrax meat an emetic will be

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villages, and rural districts have when their neigh-

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vent contagious disease, entitle them to the highest

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is a physician and physiologist, as well as a chem-

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lirium returning, apparently after a short cessation, but mark-

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in the capillaries, probably during the prolonged agony produced by the

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ward; if the sign is present a distinct tug will be felt. These signs

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spectability. Among the list of the deceased who have filled this

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St. Paul, 1898, xviii, 210-215.— Soinnier (Martha.) Ue-

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Nervous Symptoms. — Convulsions may occur at the onset, especially

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gogical principles and according to a given method of teaching, can not help but

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with only slight modification, and with the same beneficial re-

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the Salmonella microsome mutagenicity ( Ames ) test system, Wytensln at 200-500

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and also the periosteum of the contiguous metatarsals, but microscopic

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ing cases of chronic interstitial nephritis, in which the

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respiration became ^more laborious ; it gasped violently for breath ; its motions became spas-

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becomes intensely white, very hard, and, I had almost said,

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wrinkled appearance. The eyeball is sunken, and the palpe-

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that the injuries observed might have been inflicted with the shawl

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This soon grew to be the second medical school of the United States.

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adoptea uu» «- . ^^on" the poor shotild be removed

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carried as much irresponsible lying, maliciousness and

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»f the husband, Lord Gardner. If these questions were answered in the

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it is, at least, interesting to note the fact of the con-

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ness," thus indicating that it may be idiopathic. Erichsen, Druitt, Bry-

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Surgeon to Mercer's Hospital, 32 Lower Baggot-street.

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is unknown. The weight of evidence is certainly against transmission

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although the paat to which it is applied is subject to frequent

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it, but also on the mass of blood flowing into it from the arteries. The vein is not,

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after examining a large number of the rice-like bodies

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The Commission appointed at your last meeting of the North Caro-

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reflected from six mirrors, two, or one. The lighting installation is

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O.M. Clapton, Edward, M.T)., Towercroft, 41, Elth:im Road, Lee, S.E.

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erinary and Medical Students and Practitioners. By Robert Meade

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the age of the father when the son is born and the age at which the

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prompt diagnosis and isolation of the index cases in

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as men are as strong now as men were 50 years ago, and as depressed