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pigeons' eggs. Parboil them for ten minutes, drain them and

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hypodermic injections. Four days before death he showed a positive

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favourite resort for Londoners during many centuries. The Ascension

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they are encountered in great numbers, both in acute and in

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he felt an imperative desire to go to stool, and passed a great quan-


In making the tobacco mixture, good tobacco should be

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his place among the frst authors of our country is be-

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of medical practice at the present day, that the use of blood-let-

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— On account of the steady increase of diphtheria

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as little are the arterial tension and the heart's impulse to be

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The. reason for the discrepancies in cases of hardened arteries is no

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first aid to the sick and wounded, and the ordinary

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always exists in central softening of the cerebrum involving the

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to the doid>le pulsation occurring in the external jugular veins as a

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taken to advantage in different ways. It is of a hot

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state of cutaneous hyperaemia. It was with a view to this that

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The latest and in some respects the most interesting

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which consists of the combined agencies of simple acupuncturation and elec-

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of integral serumtherapy, although it is still entirely hypothetical.

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are of value in these cases. The relation of vitamines to nitrogenous

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as apart from the animal body, provided the needful

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ical science and professional life during the thou-

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fected bull was sold ; the cows were disinfected with a solution

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thermometer gets into the nineties, 12; location of mitral valve; 13, loca-

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and blood. A very small amount of faeces is evacuated at a time,

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1877, fourteen per cent, and in 1878, thirty-eight per

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below the lesser trochanter, the instrument should be inserted

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very sore. Potassium chlorate was used alternately with the

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careful study of these five collective papers will convey

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sessions, and that they have fulfilled all other requirements laid

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5.40 A. M., 12 noon, and 10 p. m. On the fifth day, at 8.30 A. m. only.

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teen years ago, in which it is shown that the patient is now in good health,

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will do nothing without great consideration, and are bold,

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As a patient with eclampsia often cannot be got to swallow,

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to attract attention to the deposits of Zinc to be found

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corresponding side of the chest-wall becomes retracted, secondary to a

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in succession, but failed. The cephalotribe of Simpson was then obtained, and

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to endorse all that has been said in its praise, nor do

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the maladies are radically distinct, and therefore neither analocy nor experience inclined me

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had seen its outline on the fluorescent screen we could

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the occurrence of epistaxic, muscular, and cutaneous hyperkine-