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injury or a monoplegia in the opposite limb. Such early paralyses
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the fifteen patients whom he delivered in succession afterwards, or sixteen in
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In New York State about 200 industrial accidents resulting in
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ing any risk from e.xtensive physical examinations, how-
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there was pressing danger; the most appropriate internal
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These movements may occur during coma, but are more characteristic of dis-
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alcoholics are interdicted, and coffee or tea restricted diet, this patient also made a good
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and on her return had been decidedly improved. She had
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cure, or more rapid resolution of a catarrhal process.
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with numerous engravings, including thirty-five colored inset plates.
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changes. It not infrequently happens that a patient presenting
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The patient was antesthetized, laid on the belly, and
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pneumonia in the uninfiltrated lung (foaming edema, fluid contain-,
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ago, passed unanimously resolutions recommending the enactment of
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and bread in particular.] Arcli. siidelmoi iiied., St. Pe-
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home remedies are so common that often neither {have no fear of a second subcutaneous injection
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other times he was a man of very ordinary abilities.'" And,
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The bandage is so arranged as to brace the arms somewhat back, though that
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€t)uld tiot emancipate them from errors fatal in their conse-^
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eased her up every hill and all my sets, by the alSwance
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and adult life, and is the only one to which I will
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on her occiput. On the same day she complained much of pain in her
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abdomen and its organs from the thorax can be effected with one