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greater difference in these figures than that here given would be found

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sclerotic, opposite the point where, by careful ophthalmoscopic study,

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The author next calls attention to the influence of heredity in producing

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identical with that of the man. In its location and direction the

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in 1888, IJ, and for the successive years to 1895 it had been IJ,

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sively concerned with its pathology. The practical interest of the work

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by the frequent misapplication of the terms "Porro'' and '' Ccesarean,''

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How Long is Syphilis Contagious. By C. Travis Drennen, Hot Springs,

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investigated to find out if different lesions in the lungs can be diag-

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Case V. (Danielli.*^) — A woman, twenty-eight years old, had had five

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using nothing but boiled water. Notwithstanding these precau-

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reports an instance of this sort. 3. When grippe is complicated by pul-

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tainly very interesting in regard to their origin ; and the section on

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:ary respectively of the internal iliac. The return circulation is

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The gist of the whole matter is that clinical and pathological

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caused by pressure, as from abdominal tumors, a heavy or dis-

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Anus, say: "Gummatous deposits and infiltration of the sub-

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Beside these statistics, there 'are in the literature more or less full

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ference in cases of purulent peritonitis would greatly reduce the mortality.

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accomplished by a slight rocking motion. The section is usually

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subdural space fluid which accumulates on either side of the dressing,

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of some of the more common symptoms. No distinct tumor

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transitory and recoverable, or; as usually happens, especially, after,

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removed was an Italian laborer 53 years of, age. About six years ago

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pital, had been able to keep themsleves well in advance of their

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tried, and when the vesico-uterine pouch has been opened. When the rupture

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serious kidney lesions. The fact, howev^er, that these small quantities of

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patient, and the manner of using them. Caldwell v. State, 46

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the person of one patient at one and at different times. Even a very

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