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amount of })erseverance. The same anthehnintics may be employed as

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elaboration which there takes place, derives its specific and con-

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I have known it to destroy life in the first stage when developed in this

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growing reputation and prosperous practice: in thus reviewing step

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of his patient sympathizing attentions, his almost feminine gentle-

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the bladder is to be relieved by the timely use of the catheter, if there be

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hearts of the people. Both his early and later friends concur in

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atforded by obstructive and regurgitant lesions. The hypertroph}^ is, to

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emulsion of pumpkin-seeds (cucurbita pepo). The emulsion is prepared

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society, and stated that they had still further used the

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In endeavoring to account for this singular phenomenon, I

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were there no difficulty on the score of space or j^ropriety, qualifications

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stetrics and Gynaecology, Physical Diagnosis, Laryngol-

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with phlebitis ; and according to Yirchow, the phenomena in cases of so-

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to more than twice its natural size, and affected with a serous

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ulcer, which is thinning. Solution of zinc prescribed.

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In the greater proportion of cases a single ulcer exists, but in the pro-

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originally denominated, solitary) confinement, all must admit

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the current of air in inspiration. Collapse of more or less of the pulmo-

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Insomnia. Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton states that nitrogen monoxide, NjO (nitrous oxide of the old

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character of different diseases, to do this is impracticable. A nosological

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tare three times a day, along with a solution of bitartrate of

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The venous congestion of the stomach which is an effect of diseases of the

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which may be cited as going to show that the coloring matter of the urine

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food and the modes of its preparation in difi'erent diseases, in addition to

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With a distinct appreciation of these characters, it should never be con-

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diseases; or, on the other hand, they may be viewed as the re*

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from each other. General considerations relating to this branch of medi-

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Diarrhoea is more frequently present and is a more prominent symptom in

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The term pneumothorax denotes the presence of air, without liquid, in

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* The franc is rated hero at 20 cents. It is sometimes valued at 18 cents.

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methods of draining and cleansing the city; and he says much on

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sharp cough, without expectoration, and ''a dull heavy pain," as

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effect of the disease. Persons with great deformity of the chest are not

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which each mart3'r to this complaint will suffer less, and perhaps be entirely

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* Annuaire de r^conomie Politique et de la Statistiqne. Poar 1852.

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and thorough ventilation. With cheering influences and avoiding thepressing atmosphere of invalidism.

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but among physicians also. The disease is but superficially studied