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When the typical syndromes are present Barker (Jour. Amer.
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are present, we think it rather an Iron-Affection and give then the
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and with little, if any, alteration of cardiac dulness. Sometimes there is
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symptoms. In the cases of this class falling under my
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small nutrient artery supplying that region. In these cases
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lots of Wisconsin cheese belonging to the same type and so obtain
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or attempt to indicate a proximate cause are more liable to lead
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opening for convenience of defecation ; and in order still farther to
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tinguished surgeon they fully endorsed all that he claimed.
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still too high, and it is to be hoped that with a better knowledge of the
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beverage, and restrict its employment to the arts, or as an article of the
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early stage. In this mild form of bronchitis the physical signs consist
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ply this same rule equallj' to all states in the Union, and to
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tissues are, by the direct contact or influence of the venom, altered
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2. The scaling is hardly ever free, 2. Copious formation of silvery
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peritoneal adhesions, etc., it is distinctly dangerous to intro-
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ear felt cooler than the normal ear before it was recognized that it
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regards the safety of the method, the results to-day are in its
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and considered as important factors bearing upon the
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The quicksilver lined instruments are open to the same objections, hut
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nearly twenty-four years' service. On the outbreak of war he
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- i -;:.-..- . <:;^ fc . --- : -- z-T:*-2ll r^r~ir - .urTLa-tir - ~~ :nc- »i jaer^iiy
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symptoms, which undoubtedly refer to this peculiar and
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These are the blotn whidi have damaged the eftect of the other-
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tion, but the operation was attended by no untoward
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In Case III. we believe the tubal trouble to be secondary to old
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cines. The costive state of the bowels is apt to be looked upon
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instructions. It was placed laterally on the pillow at 2 A. M. The
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of this society will be celebrated by a dinner at the
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nerve was then exposed, its sheath incised, and into it the distal
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lesions which have previously destroyed the surface of the skin. The
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alcohol, and is not able to advise wisely as tococcic Serum ; " Bacterial Vaccines or
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larger the clinic, and the more assistants I have, the
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Dject to a spontaneous change, by which its coats are softened, and give
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on principle, he avoids their use totally and uncon-
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from the lungs, and an increased quantity of fluids
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shape of chloral and bromide by the rectum. He reports two illustrative