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The man had now left the hospital, mg and he heard from his doctor that he was still in great pain. The Guild has developed a regular course of training for the assistant nurse, covering a period of two and a half years, which includes experience under a graduate nurse, in the care of the sick; assisting, when off duty, in minor surgery at one of the dispensaries; obstetrical clinics at the Guild House; experience in sterilizing; recitations from text-books to the head nurse; and a course of valuable lectures through the kindness of At the close of the period of training, the assistant nurse, if she has reached the required standard, receives a certificate which entitles her to be considered a and high grade domestic nurse, and enables her to register as a nurse certificated by the Albany Guild. In the four hairless rats described in the present communication, the claws are fully grown and hard, and the teeth are quite normal; over and the same is true of the hairless mole. Showing typical distribution of non-striated muscle and fibrous tissue around a conglomerate collection As above stated, the elimination of malignancy presents the greatest problem "the" in the diagnosis.