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siderable degree oF irritation in the urethra and bladder, and at

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bella, it is necessary to take areas which vary as the squares of

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pendent immediately on the accumulation of urinary principles in the

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rings are similar to those structures which were described and

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ntercommunicate through clefts between the outer pillars and

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periods in the progress of the disease. At the beginning the temperature

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consider themselves as affected with hj'steria, and the physician learns

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Art. XII. — All Account of a Human Foetus without Brain

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Rosenheim, O. 1913 The galactosides of the brain. I. Biochem. J., vol. 7,

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the patient brought the epiglottis, the glottis, and even the rima

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(27), who wanted to see in it a neurokeratin structure, an arti-

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amined; that of the aged female first. The cells of the can-

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among those who had one cicatrix, Y^ per cent. ; among those who had

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tion might be held responsible for the quantitative divergence

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ber of the Royal College of Physicians, London, . . 170

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ingitis relates chiefly to sporadic cases, to cases of an unusually mild

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A distinctive feature of this affection, even when it exists in a slight

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it is easy to make out with the aid of the microscope, the continuity

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life by asthenia. These principles need not here be repeated. In this

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slowing down temporarily of the rate of loss of growth power.

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free and scarcely occasioned any noise, and on applying the


be very large he has it held by an assistant, if the swelling is not

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or large towns exert a powerful agency in the production and perpetua-

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a forming stage, or prodromic period. They do not, as a rule, occur ab-

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occurrence in a larger proportion of mild eases is alibrded by the fact that,

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the arterial tubes ; the two conditions necessary to generate the

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1914 The pituitary fossa and trigemino-facialis chamber in Ceratodus

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at, it is no longer possible to use circular bandaging. The sur-

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cerned with both muscle and cutaneous sensations, and that

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The greater number of patients who have been under treat-

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'axone cap,' run toward the surface of the cell, always keeping

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atroj^hy and softening of the gra}' portion, with the presence of granular

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bably inflammatory. Tiic suggestion was then offered rather

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A distinctive point, in comparison with t3qAus and t}^plioid fever, is

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