"Carbamazepine Tegretol Poisoning

There were two factors. Dr. Davis informs me in bis letter that

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in his excellent paper read before the State Medical Society, 1852,

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vital powers rapidly gave way, and, without convulsions, death

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red and swollen ; the penis and perinseum were slightly enlarged.

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air, and extreme heat raises it far above the point of saturation,

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The Lime and Iron salts are also supplied as 5-grain tablets, bearing the imprint "E. Schering".

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plete the examination within six hours after the death of the

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with entire satisfaction. It has gained its great reputation with

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knowledged ; not, however, that it is necessary for its production

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heart which is in danger of stopping from syncope induced by

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health, many of them reporting better years has had intermittent pain in the blad-

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thriving, and the mother is in perfect health. — [N. Y. Jour, of Med.

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water. Lighted by electricity and gas. Perfect plumbing and ventilation. All rooD

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served till, at some moment, it causes reflex neuralgia. 20. In-

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a superficial view, the opposite of that which formerly prevailed.

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— Dr. Swaby Smith records an interesting case where the ad-

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study of bacteriology, a brief account of the The work in Preventive Medicine, Clima-

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branes of the larynx and trachea are more or less congested

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dissemination is in the death of the diseased turkey and the dis-

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{a) perfect rest in bed, {h) a diet exclusively of milk, which may

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The article which follows, published in the Scientific Bulletin of

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After giving a very interesting history of a general typhus

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on the outer side and concave on the inner side. They sug-

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office except a pocket case with three or made to keep every one of these men with

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care exercised by the California Fig Syrup Co., in securing the

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Bitting has figured the jaw bone of a horse quite exten-

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both raw and roasted, which he found a good substitute for

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tissue ; here and there small yellow foci are seen of a softer

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satisfied myself that they occurred at that period of life when

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actinomycotic growths occur at other places in the alimentary

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body ; this done, quiet is enjoined, restricting, as much as possible,