"Side Effects For Cephalexin

Vice-President ( Dr. PVart and Mr. Blaker, of Brighton) for

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sias, there are patches of h^q^ersensitiveness on the skin, pressure on

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Joseph Bell, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., President, in the Chair.

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we shall first note the diarrhea. He speaks of it as generally associated

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to the obstinacy of the dropsy and the liability to serious complica-

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at foreign ports where the sanitaiy standard is often ex-

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no further with the experiment of actually touching both the

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molecules, the nitrites, or UNO, or, as it is sometimes called,

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patient under chloroform, and emptied the bladder; the

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as we have demonstrated in our chapter on Infections by the Bacillus

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to all that he now tinds himself compelled to relinquish his

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measure, of itself, will often suffice to forestall endocarditis. Meantime

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foreign body lodged in a primary bronchus will cause the same soimd-

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1. Knowledge of a woman whose sight is painful, whose

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Oliver, Charles, Dr. (Philadelphia, U.S.A.). Clinical History of a case

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of excision of the knee- and ankle-joints, but it is infinitely

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of urea or of its decomposition there, for I have known of cases of

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cal charge o£ the Cantonment General Hospital at Dhurmsala, from

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money would be well expended in diminishing a mortality

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lessons which are of use in estimating the value of the opera-

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thus constitute a valuable clinical sign of the existence of dysenteric

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the arteries. An examination for sugar of the blood of the hepatic

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The term "infectious" should be applied to all diseases caused by

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peritoneal tissue ; then, by making a cut over the point of the

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three days on which the Section meets will be devoted to the

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ceive something from, and give something to, the whole arch; but let

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Now, it should be borne in mind that both the larger and the smaller

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tal in Vienna, though it has been much enlarged since Semmelweis'

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plain to dispossess the minds of both the profession and of the laity of

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national Medical Congress, for the information of your

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chromate of potassium with 3 gr. of bismuth carbonate, one-half hour

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When an animal is found with the pleura stripped off, the lungs and

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These clinical facts are all explicable by the relation of the kidney

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powerful and \'aried secretions, and, in fact, such autodigestion of

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ton, delivered in the Birmingham County Court on June lyth,