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present state of things. Well, they received £9,000 a year for

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rank of colonel, two assistant medical purveyors and eight surgeons

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ability devoting themselves to the recondite investigation of

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urine all her life, and latterly micturition took place every

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alluded to lose nearly all their scientific interest.

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the ensuing spring Also what drug'i would it be advisable for tht

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tends and carefully examines the carcass for trichinaj, and in

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at the present time, when administrative authorities are

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tary of the Coroner's Society, said he wished, on behalf of the

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from the date of sailing. The same term of five days, bub

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have begun to soften, it has often been proposed to apply to

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bromide of potassium, with chloral, repeated at regular

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wliisky diluted wltli water in the evening, along with a cigar. Neverthe-

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in question, soon spread through the district. Appended to

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W. J. Broadhurst. London ; Dr. G. W. Balfour. Edinburgh ; Mr. H. L.

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will pretty certainly be no adhesion to the anterior wall of

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Bella, younger daughter of Mr. .\ndrew Taylor, J. P.

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thrown on their usefulness. I have a strong conviction,

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Richardson.— On May lOth. at Benenden, Kent, the wife of J. C. Ryder

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such as alcohol in hot water, with or without a little nitro

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these days of advanced antiseptic surgery he considered para-

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8 P.M.— Specimens by Dr Campbell Pope. Mr. T. R. Atkin-

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applied with much stronger force than anywhere else —

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Mr, Walter Brown, Clerk to St. Pancras Burial Board, said

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seldom be called for. I have no experience of it, but, with

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in his Lettsomian Lectures. The bruit mentioned by Dr.

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towns, ;)^ occurred in London, lm in Manchester, 21 in Oldham, 13 in

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escape, and their empty sheaths will be seen scattered about

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AtA-ORDiNti to tha sei'I-tCicai Mcdi<:^lJ<'i^Tvai, the returns of the recent

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percussion note was damped ; the abdominal cavity contained no fluid.

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small hen's egg was presenting with its lower end almost resting on the

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stripping of wall papers, lime wasliing, and washing all wood-

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Here we may conclude this abstract, as the laboratory re-

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bromide of potassium, with chloral, repeated at regular

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Surgeon-Captain .V R. P. Russell. Bengal Establishment, from Toun-

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up to the date of her death, took nourishment freely and well.

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the Phallus, and we cannot, in accordance with eur present ideas, fur-

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It is most useful also for officers to be acquainted with the

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forward, and is presenting towards the corneal wound clear of

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Tiie unsatisfactory social position, combined with an undue amount of

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these has proceeded a necessary change in our practical

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Cripps, Birmingham. (D) J. J. Douglas, M.B., Edinburgh ; Dr. W. H.

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Smith : Sarcoma of Ovary. Dr. Bantook's adjourned dis-