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ings of the Court of Examiners, having since obtained medical qualifi-

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in order to select at leisure what they needed in practice ; it would aid

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In the treatment of Intestinal Catarrh, we find Dr. Vogel again

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some defect in nutrition, the cerebral nerve-tissue became intolerant of

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i8g8. Affected with swellings in different regions, the largest opposite

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commenced, as in the former case, by severe pain in the calf of the leg,

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occurred in prolonged attacks, and was followed by attempts at

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are no sure guide to the quality of the disorder; and this is what espe-

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mechanical injury was complicated with meningo-encephalitis. Affu-

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four by the Town Council. The Town Council has, therefore, still a

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Mr. Paget read a Case of Necrosis of the Femur without External

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2 ; dyspepsia, 13 ; incised wounds of hand and fingers, 5 ; contusion of

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a good deal, stretched out its legs stiffly, groaned deeply several times,

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lower portion being in direct contact with the dura mater.

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as much weight was placed on the diseased as on the healthy limb.

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by unfavourable results, mainly because the removal of the iris prevents

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of reflex character. These are later complicated by disturbance due

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is more in marriage than four bare legs in a bed," and the application

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are sutticient posuive signs of the tumour refilling.

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for I take it the same principle pervades all these methods, however

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198. A two-year-old poodle, entered hospital August 22nd, 1897.

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in the direction of the centre of the swelling. It appeared to enter,

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Sanderson; Mr. Henry Power ; Mr. T. P. Pick (Secretary) ; Mr. Gas-

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elected. By whom ? and for what reason ? It will be understood that,

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which we can demonstrate in the laboratory. It is easy, for example,

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•Suffering from labial ulcer. In October, 1896, it had been brought