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May 6th. The annual rate of mortality in these towns, which had been

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annexe M. Lallemand was not isolated because there was no

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in the administrative work of hospitals and asylums. Her

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ment. It is as true as it could be, for, brushing aside verbal

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Railway, which proposed to take part of the premises of the

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Mr. Campbell-Banneeman's reply to Dr. Macgregor (which

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from fatty or mucoid degeneration, or from local necroses

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ficates without fee) were incompetent under the rules of participation

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ceased shown signs of mental unsoundness. In the case of

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This case would tend to show that,' no matter what history,

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patient, too, had resisted mercurial treatment for a consider-

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due to the establishment of a tolerance of tlie disintegration

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there at once bulged a mass the size of a horsebean, very soft

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of epithelium, and only retaining that upon the surface.

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dical men received special training, no risk need now be ap-

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the southern towns. In order to test the accuracy of this

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know it to be true. In short, he knows nothing whatever about it, and it

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G. P. writes : The following may interest some of your readers ; it proves

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speedily relieved the symptoms, and a further use of the

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during what has been well described as a reign of terror in Trinidad and

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■was presented to the Anthropological Society of Berlin, and

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his commission as Honorary surgeon of the Burmah State Railway Rifle

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tribenzor (olmesartan medoxomil + amlodipine + hydrochlorothiazide)

diets upon the composition of the urine and the general con-

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tacked ; 6 refused to be revaccinated, and of these 4 have been

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and more especially so as he is reported to have designated ihe case as

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Mb. Oliver Pemubbton, on his retirement from the post ol

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Fountain Hotel, at 6 P.M., charge fexclusive of wine) Os. 6d. An extra

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The experience of the hospital stafi' was interesting, the

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who raised on the foundation of Gonville that College in the

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at Hasheen and the Totiek /ereba and the destruction of Temai (medal

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frequently borne out by the testimony of the patients them-

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cination on the spread of leprosy. It is observed that as a

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stance in which the hint derived from an inspection of the

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criminately, and without extra remuneration, with British

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W. M'Lane, ether was administered. Before complete anses-

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pointed Medical Officer of Health for Fulliam, vice J. E. Cooney,

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wasted away, and a swelling had formed in the elbow

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