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upwards. He says in most all cases he has attempted (60 in number)


with the eyes shut, she tends to fall backwards unless supported.

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All communications for the Editor, and all books for revietc, should

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mortality of ^21 {xt cent, in the former and 30 per cent, in the latter.

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transit. That the obstruction was beyond the radial

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never seen any ill effects. He takes the precaution, however,

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later pregnancies it may be assumed that the strain upon

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first of these deserving attention, is a physiological peculiarity

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large and would probably be more dangerous than the peril they

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liter of infusion replaced by a ^ liter of milk, and owing to the later

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Gull and Sutton, was shown to be due to the acidulated glycerin in

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when it is ready, I will risk the transformer. We should get a show in any

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exercise, and physical and mental fatigue follow slight exertion.

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when, in a case of this disease, and especially to-

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for ever from the liability to recurrence of the attacks. In other cases

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of true delirium tremens. These two classes of cases

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an accentuation of the reflexes results from an increase of irritability

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experiments arp. commonly understood to prove the particulate character of

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returned immediately after a fit of vomiting. I regret to state this very

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putting a stop to the paroxysm. I have more than once seen severe tic dou-

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excretion becomes a poison, and it is as virtually so as if it were a

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the parallel outbreaks of other years, the normal period of the out-

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with vomiting, sometimes, of viscid bile. In some, there was painful diarrhoea,

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meets, especially if they increase his excitement by any noise or outcry. If

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in the interstices of the least essential tissues, which in

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quarter uterine analgesis is complete and the contractions are not

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inges, with occasional slight effusions of serum between its

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murmur being found at the aortic orifice. The patient succumbed,

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smaller dose than the robust and strong. Persons engaged in in-

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the button, bug or bean refuses to leave its snug receptacle and come

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hand, we may observe, that some charitable institutions for


rapid death, are totally disproportionate to the advantages de-

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of hippuric acid, and still others of tyrosin needles

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before surgical assistance was rendered, and the excessive

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castes — Brahmin, Kshatria Vaishya, and Shudra. While