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Auto-Xnteroplaatic Surgery. — Tbhka. — The skin ia the

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are such as to show that the inflammation was a product

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of melancholia, and in some of systematised delusional insanity ; in

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to the sum of $1215,1 7'J. ;!.■). 'I"he Society proceeded t(

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the anus ; the parts within the labia were in the same state, and

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been enjoyed by the Metropolis for many years, might, the speaker thought, be

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overestimated. Their conclusion was to the effect that a large

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of nature to rid itself of unhealthy matter. This is Avell,

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produced in tubes or in the body of an animal. Hence, one

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plentiful meal, and a few extra-glaffes of wine, fel-

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is essential to the process of reparation, and diminishes day by

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138 Membranous Croup : A Comparison and a Lesson, f. J.

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testing his condition, as the Lord Chancellor dii-ects, ' by his habits,

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in the offspring of marriages of consanguinity I gave you an account in a former

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the same in breadth, and a blood-red excoriation of the same size

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gentleman of fifty, in whose gall bladder there was an acute

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afflicted with this malady — the discouraging outlook for

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which transmission of leukemia by contagion can pos-

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servation, is no less desirable to ourselves than to all the members of our

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bath-house window, reading my letters, or the newspapers, or the

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Andreas Larsen, pauper, sixty-one years old. Autopsy May 28th, thirteen hours after

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easily the drainage may be obstructed, the natural course of discharge

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The double function of the larynx combined with the complexity

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day well established. Clinical observation had indicated this

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microscopical examinations of the suspensions in Ringer's fluid are

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per vaginam and per anum, consisting of warm water, as well as con-

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Also flush out twice a day with the Carbolic lotion. If after

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great losses during the thirties of last century, especially in

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appearance of traumatides or scratch lesions. The present imperfect state

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due, not to predominance of the soft over the osseous

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Mr. Matthews has submitted for my inspection a pair of

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second platinum needle is placed horizontally in front of the

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The third form is a true tuberculous myocarditis, that is to say,

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