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with augmented arterial tension, the fear, present or remote, of true

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denly from 180 to 80, and in the course of five minutes to 52, then to

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toms of myxcedema reappear within three or four months it is an

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may have occurred concomitantly with the attacks of edema, and

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pressure in the pulmonary artery reaches an extreme degree, in con-

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twenty. Although the price per piece may have remained the same,

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capillaries begin to appear at the spot of endophlebitis. These

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arteries. The degenerate areas in stained preparations show like small spots of

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tated patient and of improving the condition of apparent anaemia,

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seeing that in cretins the sexual functions are practically in abey-

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at the time of the tests. The blood pressure on October 28, was systolic 260,

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opened under artificial respiration with air warmed to body tempera-

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for four or five years, and presented all the chief symptoms of the

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the apex, and usually on the anterior face of the heart. Rupture of

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be found in all parts of the body. It not infrequently leads to occlu-

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patch and subsequently a cylinder of brittle material, which some-

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younger sister, aged 18 years, had simply erythema of the hands and

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6. The noncoagulable nitrogen of the serum is increased by ten

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the work of both, pathology being one aspect of physiology ; to speak

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In this connection it is interesting to note that the commission finds

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no evidence was obtained indicating any changes in these staples that

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in 1914 we added eighty-four to this number, making a total of 251

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finally died in 1910; and many new cases of pellagra broke out in the

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ularity or rhythm of the action of the heart. The neuroses hither-

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time of the observations. In several of the cases evidence of acidosis

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The auscultatory systolic blood pressure was 140 mm. of mercury and the dias-

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to remain there during the day. The dropsy occurs at first as a

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It has been suggested that the presence of an excess of some anti-

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we have previously stated, we regard this disparity not as evidence of

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length of the As-Vs interval did not point to the position of the pace-