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paper on this subject, in which he reported a frac-

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pital, Brooklyn, and consulting surgeon to the Nassau Hospital

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tum was excised, and the sac also. The material used in

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Buffalo to Niagara. Since this time has had vomiting

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be felt running out from vmder the ribs in the nipple line,

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that among 3,000 private cases there were ten cases

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the foUowing clause inserted in whichever Bill might

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lost considerable blood, yet she was in fair condition.

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not good subjects for the inhalation of an anesthe-

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ters catheterized. Electro-thermic angiotribe. Recov-

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Witthaus. A.M., M.D. Fifth Edition. New York: William

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get at the facts in the case, and believe that nothing is

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New York, in 1891, was associated with him in practice.

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♦Delivered before The Maseachusette Medical Society, June 9, 1903.

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delicate female, will sometimes suffice to quiet moderate;

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These results indicate not only that the three cul-

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Jones; Dr. Arthur Ransome; Dr. J. H. Jackson ; Mr. Hugh

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a diagnosis of new growth was made. The pedicle of the

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tracted cardiac orifice, partly bypassing fairly thick

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service in the Philippines. He was thirty years of age. At

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BiERMAN, C. H., pharmacist third class. Directed to report

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It is, indeed, not very uneoninion to find a transient

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VOL. cxLvrrr, no. 16] nosToy medical a.vd surgical jourxal

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1899, vol. i, p. 728 : " Evidement la pression atmos-

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lants may thus be left with the same definiteness as

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to the spine. This case illustrates the futility of

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