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Ophthalmic Surgery, Aural, Laryngeal and Nasal Surgery,
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agents the leucocytes have been found to lodge in the vis-
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Berkshire Medical InsiUution, — ^An unsuccessful appeal was made the
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cantharidal collodion till vesication occurred, then ap-
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cing my son to God came to me from the right side I would
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account of the infrequency and benignity of the hemorrhages, cases have been
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to do so, because the putting in a drain might lead
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these running sores." Examination showed a scrotum the size of a large egg-
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that to which I have applied them, and will be of greater value
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The secondary eruption is made up of lesions having the same character and
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connexion. Dr. Watson-Williams spoke of the difficulty of differentiating
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of a high mortality rate but because of a rather disconcerting mor-
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a patient before and during treatment for stricture, as indi-
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mother, sifter and brother all have the same form i if catarrh.
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Thompson or Mr. Holt, no such risk was incurred. He (Mr. Fergusson) thought
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are present, while younger subjects generally appear healthy, with ruddy,
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ly done, gnawing away piecemeal the offending bones, the
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Samuel, where a man left his home in Rochester, Me., in good
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his present illness was very acute, with severe head-
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It exhibits a malady which ordinarily belongs to ad-
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tion, with which it generally bears no relation. Sometimes itching
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iu opposition to Legouest. The objection to amputations at the knee
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and displayed the commencement of putrefactive imbibition. The
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once in one hundred thousand cases, it occurred three
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resort to operation — that is, before absolute emergency or
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maintained at a high standard. I have no doubt that in some advanced
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every chance of living, and will develop as well as one
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cord. The patients' ages ranged from sixteen to eighty; all but
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ness, when during delivery the woman was recumbent, have been
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sions than those Dr. Jones has been accustomed to see in use in
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where I thought it would develop, yet relief came to the patient with-
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most serious, an examination of the blood showed the presence of
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ration of the patient beforehand. He would have her
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contains vessels, often of considerable size, and having walls of ex-
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the year, dealt with this subject. He says irrigation is to be preferred
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associated with dilatation, in anemic conditions, rickets, melancholia,
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every straight rod- shaped organism is a bacillus. If the first is still
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lymphatics. Only the first and second properly belong t< cutaneous
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rate of the corresponding weeks for the past five years