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District No. 6. H. A. Barrett, Concord; Concord, Carlisle, Bedford,
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and arteries, and that its best results are secured by giving large doses
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lepra tuberosa and anajsthetica by Unna's method, which
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Veranus A. Moore; Meat and Milk Inspection, Dr. L. A. Klein;
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had no time now to try experiments. I fell back on the nerv-
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Of the symptomatology of lesions of the anterior, or lerdiculo-caudate,
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pneumonia, or other septic local inflammation, occurs from
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said) he administered an anesthetic and proceeded to deliver
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Schanz. — 'Die Bedeutung der sogen Xerosebacillen bei der Diagnose der Dip-
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Liverpool, Ohio, form one of the seven wonders of the world.
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the few years following, a number of families came in from
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Symptoms. — Nearly every case was affected alike. First, an
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die about 300,000 babies and 15,000 mothers in child-birth annually.
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One can theorize about results as he may please. He
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Kinking at the hepatic and splenic fexurcs of the colon. — This is
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spread to the extremities. A second febrile exacerbation, attended with
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had an opi)ortunity on the voyage of visiting the island
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not excessive (i§), may be entirely corrected by glasses, and are
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small-group sessions, students explore specific areas
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164; in Plaquemine, La., 120; in Hickman, Ky», 139; in
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483. Except as otherwise provided in paragraph 486, articles not
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to those who would deal in the milk of swill-fed cattle; that
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quadrigemina or on the coincident lesions. In this connection it is
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one part of the solution to four or five parts of water. It is very successfully applied in a spray in ophthalmia,
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"Provided that (a) A person shall not be convicted under this section
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amus is frequently spelt hyosciamus; several chemical formulae contain serious
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vergent rays proceeds, which forms a large circle of illu-
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be Imperial, and not out of the local rates ; the latter
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quartan type is present that the malarial origin of the disease can
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the method of Nicolle and Morax', a single terminal flagellum, about three times
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for 8 minutes. The pleural cavity was tapped, and 70 ounces of
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the top of the left-hand column, in the article entitled " A Re-
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An interesting point which has as yet received very lit-
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verse to the prompt settlement of medical bills, anil
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acquiescence at least an expression of admiration equal to my own for the
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vertical, and the position of a vertical ray can be correctly found by the
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death may be speedily apprehended, which is usually
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appeal to the pathological anatomist for irresistible proof. If it be ob-
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