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is ; and On the Sanitary Management of Railway Cars and Stations, by

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Pernicious Intermittent. — In those parts of the United States

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the lungs, it is curious that there are no such marked and fatal symptoms

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have been recorded in the United States.- New Brunswick in Canada,

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The intimacy of relation between tuberculosis and pearly distemper

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are said to be absent in snakes and many of the sau-

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vealed by the Urethroscope," Dr. N. E. Aaronstamm, Detroit, Mich.

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applied. This will prevent irrigation of the limb during the

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iThc heavy line represents the decrease of the area of the wound (curve of cicatrization), and the dotted line, the curve calculated

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operate sufficiently, some neutral salt must also be taken, at a proper

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Dr. J. L. Cleary, of Kenosha: What are the trustees doing?

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continues 19 weeks, and is devoted to Practical Anatomy, the Principles and Practice of Surgeiy,

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The killing of the unborn foetus must be intentional and

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tation of food through the nostrils does not frequently occur,

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or so impaired as to make a complete examination impossible. The

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ment there was little or no change, the cells numbering 2,200. On the 4th day

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Diseases of Children." — American Medical Journal .

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mouse, and it is specially instructive to compare an ear on

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bouring Danish island of St John's, imploring him to come over and

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hyperplastic swelling of the parenchyma and usually appears before