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known earthy springs are — the Butterworth Springs, Eaton Eapid

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recognised, maybe the patient has not known that lie was ill; his dejecta

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antecedents ; moreover, urea favours urinary secretion, and may be con-

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skin to be rendered smooth by a very gentle retraction of it, and a circu**

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Anatomy and Physiology, by ... - Joivathaii Krioht, M.D.

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convinced and silenced in ten minutes, and there could be no loop hole

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medicine ; at least I am unacquainted with any example of a female

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loaded, it may be expedient in the choice of evils. As a general rule

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Pulmonary congestion and collapse are frequent, as is natural in the

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During this period, the discbarge had never ceased entirely, but a few

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taches to this subject. We have seen that Dr. Murchison thought that,

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severe bilious vomiting ; this is sometimes an early symptom, but it may

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or perhaps a pseudo-hypertrophy of the pituitary body, is frequently

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or a high loading is suggested with nothing in the body of the report to

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got well. I have had other cases treated in the same manner and with

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moderated by the removal of the original source of infection.

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tions and those of Wright, Frosch, Stephens and others, tend to prove

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of bone. Calcified tissues are readily distinguished from true bone by

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divide the iron springs into — (a) pure iron waters containing only a few

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ex]jlained on the assumption that the poison travels along the nerves,

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during the stage of convalescence ; they may be classified as follows : —

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accretion of molecules added in the lines of divergence of the fluids in.

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rangements are not thoroughly within our control. Yet not very long

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of dilation, but in the course of an hour expansion is readily distinguish-

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symptoms. Profuse haemorrhage is indicated by a sensation of faintness,

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Dr. Roth has cured it by rhatany ; sub-carbonate of iron may also be

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cautery was not allowed to penetrate deeper than the surface, the object

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acquired form. If a tendency to gout or asthma exist on both sides a

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of the first or during the second week ; very few cases live more than three

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Anatomy and Physiology, by ... - Joivathaii Krioht, M.D.

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and wandering away of the oxyphile cells ; next, the hyaline phagocytes

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Salol (40-60 grains in twenty-four hours) has come much into use

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parent ; anterior chamber and deep-seated humors in a healthy state ;

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and increase exhaustion. The indication is to refrain from anything