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In the article on Vaccines, a presentation is made to the

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blood in the morning. Children suffering from chronic tonsillitis frequently

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of growths both superficial and within several of the cavities of the

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never taught nor did Clark mean that the drug cured auricular

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haematuria, arteriosclerosis, focal infections, haemophilia, scurvy, renal

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Bright's Disease is a diffuse process in the kidneys involving, in

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digestion are conveyed to the liver, and this organ contains glycogen,

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goes to show that they represent a later period of the disease than the

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country. As in England there has been little of either epidemic or sporadic

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efficient of demineralisation" that Eobin attributes the tendency to

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putrefactive micro-organisms as staphylococci and streptococci, while

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management and treatment of feeding defects, deficiency diseases, acute intes-

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the mouth, the lesions assume a peculiar character, and are^ termed flat

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flour. Both almond and cocoa-nut cakes contain much fat, and a little

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experiment performed daily by the barber surgeons and yet without any

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flesh, and probably if his temperature be taken there will be found to be

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phthisis; and of forty-one seen between 1869 and 1879 there were ten

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signs, even slight loss of resonance has great importance. It must be borne

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and that while the cells of the patient may be agglutinated by the

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strengths are made use of, are varied according to the character of the case

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shall incur a ]ienalty of $200. and in default of immediate i>ay-

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Peyer's patches. They are most common in the lower part of the ileum

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phthisis the liver is often lardaceous or fatty, and it may be swollen from

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(2) That there is a large number of elderly consumptives of

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the bones. There is no grating to be obtained in the joints.

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presence of a secondary rise, the continuance of a quick pulse, and of a

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become less severe as time goes on. On the other hand, it must be

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writer is compelled to use several such preparations, ijut it is

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It was not until 1861, however, that the real significance of these motes

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to be injected into a vein than when taken by the mouth. From the

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simple as well as tuberculous ulcers may be present. In the large intestine

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for example, its unequal diffusion in the endemic and epidemic area, of its

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found that this is due to a little sputum in the larynx in the morning,

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