"Liquid Femara

sia" (Jnl. of Obst., 1906) ; "Temperatures Occurring During the
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16, 1900); "Hygiene and Management of Pregnancy" (pub. in X. Y. Med.
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which impress the observer during his operations. Great
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specialty, inventing in 1884 an improved electro-magnet for extracting
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company, to have been subjected to a long tramp in a cold rain-
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atrophy, marked by entire loss of appetite and great wasting.
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Here, again, however, the continuity of the nerve is not
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movements of an excito-motor character by irritation propagated
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Carolina, and was the pioneer of literature and art in the South.
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in many ways instructive. The book forms the November
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beneficent Providence. Tlie church is the delight of her-
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which at that time had accommodation for about 600 patients, and
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By way of humble contribution toward this frank understand-
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sword or a large shell fragment may be partially or entirely
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a very valuable and extensive collection of newspaper clippings
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tangential firing, frequently also caused by bullets from a
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in the appropriate chapters of this work. There has been much said on both
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always have ample time to send for them, and not having them
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getting into independent practice, I abandoned all down-
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by Dr. Eugene Martel, in which this able author skilfully summa-
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York medicine. He has been consulting otologist to St. Luke's Hos-
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It is acute, violent, excessive, constringent. Nearly all the
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regulation, and individual protection. Quarantine is regarded
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brushing thoroughly ; and if blood flows from the surface, so
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physician to the New York Asylum for Lying-in Women
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rigidity of 'spheres' contribute liis customary truthlets,
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Amylism as a Factor in Diseases of the Cerebral Convolutions." l
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ditions, at the rear, radiography, the generalization of which
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J. E. Luscombe, M.D., Class '85, Boston University School of Medicine, has
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Dr. Pierce is a graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, Class of '79.
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and with cold sweat, and in that position had been able to pass
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and to its employment we owe our great and constant
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Mellin's Food, which has won the commendation of physicians and mothers
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men enable us in everyday practice to foresee the extreme
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