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The book is written in a clear, forcible, and entertaining

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this diet; then he began to vomit, and the matter suggested the

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Macdonald states the indications for operation as follows : the sac must be

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study of the etiology and significance of grandular enlargements takes

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sions the eruption showed itself to be under the control of the peripheral

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The tendency to healing, however, was only observed in the juxta-

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Cases of special interest to be clipped with colored metal signals

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salt should be discountenanced. Large and repeated doses of the sodium

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case emphasized the importance of a thorough examination of

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" We can not go into all the ramifications of his article, but we

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and temperature about 100° F. He asked a neighbor to come to

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Notwithstanding the fact that chloralamide has already been frequently-

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did not report the case for eleven years, or until he had had a second

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been no dyspnoea, no dysphonia or aphonia, and no cough. He has had

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binow offers the best solution for the problem. This solution

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informed. The presence of a tumor, although a valuable diag-

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resulting in purulent arthritis of the elbow-joint, abscesses, and partial

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convalescence, of disease of the digestive organs, of diabetes, of albu-

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above; the pedicle now lies behind the tumor, and is somewhat twisted.

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per capita per annum is derogatory to the dignity of the medical

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on this principle and affected by departure from the normal of

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shows that the volume will be the result of the labors of upward of forty

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In the majority of instances, however, it is probable that when a stone

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salicylate of soda. Of the remaining chapters especial notice should be

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the medical profession has only been acquainted with the local use of this

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being on the outer side of the limb. (For further particulars see report

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pathological condition of the gall bladder and the presence of a

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" In all cases in which pain was severe or disabling, it has been relieved."

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delivered by the forceps,^ and two similar instances are recorded in the

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other ways or other channels than at the umbilicus."*^