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crusts of the unruptured and ruptured pocks formed during desiccation.

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So long as a community remains susceptible to small-pox

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ment of the pathologic conditions observed in an experience of

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Another remarked, "Sic an awfu' heid I've got, doctor; can ye

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tant factor in the question whether it vill return.

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techni(iue ; ho liad also used Skene's cautery clamps (which had been im-

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sidered that in the repair of arteries and veins after inj ury

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this period ; two healed joint cases were seen ; five tendon

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terfield wrote upon "Anti-toxine ; " Dr. A. A. Rawson took as his subject

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give instruction in strictly medical subjects, while six are in the

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son." Of course, it was referred to a " special " committee

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rapid pulse, tumultuous heart action, and a mitral systolic

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much more common. He did not favor immediate inter-

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to deterioration of the distal nerve trunk through-

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Stimulant, in Phthisis, Shin Diseases, cbc. — Dr. Hooper.

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— indigestion and occasional vomiting. At no time was she

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least as would require laryngotomy) far from common elsewhere."

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Germany, France, and Italy as evidence of the high apprecia-

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did not know whether or not they were bottle or breast fed infants, and

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and the size of a hen's egg. It then began to grow, and

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Stanley should be requested to act as president of the com-

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have been reported in which a causal relationship to enalapril cannot be excluded. Nervous System/ Psychiatric:

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ous minute petechia; resembling flea-bites ; menses had returned.

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going on almost to Huffocafion, all of which are pro-

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diagnosed. Langenbeck reports a case occurring in a

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