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within fifty hours, eight deaths, thirty-two per cent. ;
more often of the male sex, is healthy at birth; symptoms usually begin
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between ligatures. The next essential step is the proper exposure of
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provisions of the statute, I proceeded to locate the quarters for our own
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as a drug, and the cause of the phenomenon is obvious; sometimes it has
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inferior rectus may be nuclear in its origin, all the other muscles under the
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tions. Eight Eustachian tube swollen and obstructed. Left drum-membrane
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term foetus is its intima, which here and there is markedly
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to try antidysenteric serum in the treatment of summer diarrhea.
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to fitly represent American medicine. The Congress will
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tion of nearly 3000 inhabitants, ami is situated in West-
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cessity <>f correct diagnosis, but should not
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work would require to oover almost the entire range
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take proceedings against the corporation of the city of Stratford to
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undermining the skin in all directions ; or a post-pharyngeal abscess may be
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Printed by John Coates, jr. No. 80, S»uth Street, be.
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abdominal region and lower extremities. She had had rheumatism occasionally
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against ])eritonitis. The fact that there was no fever
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transudation, and, perhaps, in some cases, hyper-secretion of bile. By
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tre often found in the right cavities of the heart.
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and able to resume, at least to some extent, his previous
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growths from the pleura just described forming the sole abnormity.
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in younger persons with diseased hearts. Little, however, is as yet
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tions two cases of secondary effusion where rapid septicaemia followed the tapping ;
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through the accessory. This is still further confirmed by the course of the convulsion-*
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Filarial affections of the tunica vaginalis or the testicle itself are not
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pyrogallic acid poisoning in the skin clinic at Breslau. He was a robust man
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tions of Salt Solution. — The above mode of treatment of puerperal
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fingers, as in the Swedish gymnastics, is, on the whole, too
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ever, a considerable quantity of the same material in a more liquid