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of the muscles. Raymond speaks of the value of this method. It consists

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ment is sometimes present ; a form very closely resembling the tremor

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year: President, Dr. E. L. Duer; Vice-Presidents, Dr.

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Shufeldt, Robert W., Captain and Assistant Surgeon:

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1893, when he returned to general practice. In 1898 he was appointed a member

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expressed it, nervously prostrated at the idea, and was/unable to

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permanently destroying or removing the animal. This, however, appears

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In addition to epilepsy, many other forms of convulsions and

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of murderers is well known, as well as the bravado of those

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tomatic of a depressed state of the vital powers, rendering the

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recQrrent attacks which characterised catarrhal appendicitis might be

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Hospital ships are Medical Department organizations and will

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Although it closely resembled it, it did not represent the

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cation, for the purpose of handing them over to the General Secretary.

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joint had become contracted, and the abscess j the formation of an abscess over it, which

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trodes (Nucleus type Cl) are electrically stimulated.

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toms in acute absinthism come on suddenly; the patient becomes agitated,

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Report of Committee on the Visit.ition of Examinations.

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John's Hospital, carefully examined, and found to be suffering from a transverse

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We recognize the fact that there is in the university a legiti-

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mental material that the diabetic kidney has a more or less definite

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rhage.] Gaz. lek., Warszawa, 1887, 2. s., vii, 389; 413.—

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out the whole of one hemisphere were everywhere studded with miliary

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Fibroids as a Cause of Dystocia, and their Removal by Vaginal

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circumstances above mentioned. There was evidence, however, that the child

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value depends almost entirely on these properties can not be denied.

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be considerably higher than in the Scotch Asylums, or it may be

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bodies which have sometimes been thought characteristic of

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1880, 11,259; 341, 531; 585; 611; 667; 719: 1881, i, 611: ii, 3.

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said that the Cholera Commission at Constantinople closed

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great benefit ma}' often follow from venesection to 12 or 20 oz.

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the collecting tube. The capillary is quickly sealed in a flame and the

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guaiacol, iodoform, oils of eucalyptus, thyme, and cinnamon in olive

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bruised. The treatment consisted in leeching, fomenting, rest,

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RIets, P. C, Evansvllle. Crossen, Francis, Albuquerque.

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of disease involving the laryngeal muscles, which commonly