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usual restorative means. On loosening the cord, however, he dis*

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truth without being biased by an attachment to either doctrine.

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confounded with cancer of the stomach, viz., tumors connected with the

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other than cancerous disease, and the differential diagnosis cannot be

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portion enters the hypogastric from the internal iliacs, and is con-

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probable that their history might prove acceptable to the college,

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We have, perhaps, already said sufficient to give a general

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been resorted to, and, apparently, the lives of patients thereby saved. It

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certain proportion of cases, the dropsy being removed, the patient may

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fessionally. Drs. Wistar, Parrish, and Hartshome, were men cal-

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For 60 Patients a week (without dates), - - - - 1.25

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gate prisons of the Union, and to report on the general health of

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facts show that neither the existence of tuberculosis nor a strong proclivit}^

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Dr. Coates had derived his chemical ideas on this subject

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patibles, Urine Analysis, Poisons and Antidotes, Artificial Respiration, and a variety of other

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admirable experiments of Hammond, however, disprove this hypothesis.'

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continued confinement in cells, such as have been described,

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Diseases of the Eye— Edward Jackson, S. D. Risley,.

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carditi;i. Rheumatic pericarditis ver}- rarely, if ever, exists without endo-

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ness and distress, vomiting, and distension of the abdomen.

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all who require an easily digested or a partially digested Food. M

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frequent occurrence even in 3'oung children. In the mode of dj'ing, apnoea

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important measure of prevention. The use of filtered water is to be recom-

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distinguished from each other. In one variet}^ the clot is essentially

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to, and the communication between the air-passages and pleural cavity,

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tions, the over-accumidation of blood and stagnation are in the right ven-

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of any local conditions which are discoverable ; that is, the occurrence of

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