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membrane of the nose. These are attended by symptoms depending

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occurs the tricuspid valves are its princijiai and i)riniary seat, on account

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to its normal standard. Diarrhoea generally comes on during the first

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The occurrence of intussusception is regarded by most

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ends of the bones, muscular cou tractions in certain positions will draw

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nerves, as in hemiplegia after injury of the anterior cornua, show atrophy

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or in some cases destroy the activity, of micro-organisms. It is easy to

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large infarctions of the kidney are often found which, during life, have given

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Typhoid fcrer has nearly the same premonitory symptoms as acute

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acter, extending over the slight interval which normally exists between the

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reflux and stenosis, Aortic reflux, Pulmonary stenosis and Aortic stenosis.

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diseases with which it is most liable to be confounded are typhoid fever,

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' Johnson rcgnrds induration of the arterial walls as dne to an h.\-pcrtrophy of the miiscul:ir coat : Gull

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ble. In idiopathic and traumatic periproctitis, the prognosis is good. The

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will it be demanded. Where great deformity and paralysis have oc-

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food : the quantity vomited varies in amount from one to three gallons,

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Iceland has hydatids of the liver. Dogs, sheep, pigs, cats, and rats are

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The incision should be at least four inches long. The internal saphe-

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email extravasations. In some cases the mucous tissue is oedematous and

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been assumed that there is some necessary relation between the two dis-

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dyspnoea, and an increased area of splenic dulness are the most constant

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upward. The tumor is usually nodulated and firm, gives a dull or tym-

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emulsions, hypophosphites, iron, nutritious diet, with the usual hygienic

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when those acting upon the opposite side produce curvature. 4.

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"Perhaps the most important advice to be given to the general prac-

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to the animal from which the poison was extracted. The poisons of

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