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of the legs and hips ; he could, after five punctures, get up from

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opened, the blood runs out and the subject dies : excluded from the air death imme-

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Surgeon to the City Ophthalmic Hospital at Diisseldorf.

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educational institutions, should invariably include a urinalysis.

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thalmologist is asked to examine the patient to explain the

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ble man of by proper kindnesses and persuasions, he is rapidly hastened forward

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[ entirely destroyed. This is essentially a chronic variety, often

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the side of their proper structure an excessive development of

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pf tea and coll'ee have been taken 1 y the sick, without thinking of the wisdom of

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exist, is the affirmation, made with all the coolness of indifference, of the rcasoncrs in

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Eages.^ Nor had the medical profession in this country been

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ble by heat or nitric acid, but coagulable by chloroform (Gigon)

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in one or two of the conterminous provinces of Spain, and in 1864 there was

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wit's ends and turn the laugh against her. The article was procured, in a dried

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haps tho most fruitful sources of the loss of smelling, hearing, tasting, and seeing —

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fright, the existence of so-called scarlet fever (? rheumatic), followed

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was pubhshed from institutions located in various countries.

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nothing but the hair-follicles and sweat-glands, and here and

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it 'often becomes burning or scratching in character, and seems

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■ In the * Register of deaths in England for 1889,' p. 121, a case of chorea»

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the shafts and wheels to convey the power of the steam engines to the machinery,

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within a few weeks after the treatment was commenced and did

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matter, and a yaricose condition of the cortical substance of the

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itself very unwholesome and impure. The infant was seen by a

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Mankind appear to have early learned that cleanliness and pure air contributed

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twenty-four hours before the transfusion. Further experience

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subject of apparent death most scientifically and impartially,

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We advised an immediate change from the chicken-feather

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Long Island. A lady was in constant attendance upon her dying father ; his dis-

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hardly be cut, but no scirrhous deposit was met with. The neck and

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of the haemorrhage to which they are liable. They will also,

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sition in standing, let me say, beware of contracting a habit of standing on one

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Patient returned for further examination December 3, 1921,

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over the people, but to minister to the wants of the great whole; and when they

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ment arising from the doings of the Fenian conspirators.

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monic osteomyehtis involving the body of the pubic bones.

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cell in which the protoplasmic substance becomes more dense and

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1. On the Structure of the Placenta. By Dr. P. Jassikskt, of

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seems that a text-book on medicine was much wanted in the