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time have been "laid underground," with the lamentable excep-
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so-called cyst. When the whole of the tubercular matter was
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equally complete domicile study be made in other foci of pellagra
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middle of the upper side of the right ventricle of the heart,
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Case 5. — I was called to see the Eev. Mr. C, aged 25, of regular
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In a few days they dry up and form thin yellowish-brown
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I have found with the x-rays that fluid injected in this
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Tr. Arizona M. Ass., Tucson, 1898, 46-62.— Maurel. Re-
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On motion, all of the papers read in Section One were
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defined nor so distinctly associated. Thus, for instance,
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poisons, — a case occurred to our author from arsenic having been
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him and fell ill after returning to that place, where no other case of the
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There were, however, still a few new blisters developing from
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In both regions an operation is feasible, and, in the former,
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changes in neck of femur (Rickman J. Godlee) . . . 244-
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importance to the patients themselves. Dr. Latham is quite sure that neglect
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filled and obliterated. The left lung took that appearance to
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perfectly inactive, while the rest of the placed over the third space close to the eter-
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shall have been published at least three times in The Joubnal
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\ ported by the U. S. Army Yellow Fever Commission. A severe case with recovery.
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Jan. 4, A. M., pulse 84, resp. 24, temp. 101° ; P. M., temp. 102°. bth,
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otiier causes, he fo^ud they were most frequent in those \vho died
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partly on the period at which the vaccinia is introduced. Considering the
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may be noticed by the flush or by the dilatation of the pupil. It
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after another. In this case I was able to get a thorough examination made