"Pyridium And Ua Results

>i0oc stone.] The formation of a calculus, or the
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especially well suited for obstetrical service in the family; in fact,
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been excited by electricity, and if the mercury does not
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to dispute the significance and worth of this service ?
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indicated by a study of the way in which nature effects her cure, and in
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393-397.— Friedciiwald (H.) Aflfectious of tlie eye and
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the 08 uteri, followed by bleeding. She related that a fortnight previously
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reaches 2'50 per 1,000 glycosuria appears. The passage of sugar in the
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authors of a much earlier date than is generally supposed. Hoffman**
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development of the ulcer. Apart from the fact that the indications for
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(b) Alimentary Disorders. — There may be psoriasis of the tongue.
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a thoughtful and intelligent physician will on the mani-
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We were niueh impressed by the statements of Dr. Sayrc of Hellevno
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neurasthenic condition cannot be cured without its correction ;
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these various tissues is far from being accurate or extensive. Beere,
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was instructed how to suspend the heavy over-hanging abdomen by
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or capsule, so that they can be swallowed without tasting. The
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Sir, — I have been for many years occupied in testing the effects in cuta-
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good-sized walnut. The right auricle is also dilated.
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' Tid^ rqtort of caae by Dr. Pepper in Am. Jour, of Med. Sciences, July, 1871.
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secreting large amounts of thick perspiration, the skin over the mastoid was-
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sent there by Captain Fidlar from Mesopotamia. Three cultures
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105 cases occurred. Under the age of 2 years there was
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Asylum ; Lecturer on Psychological Medicine, St. Thomas's Hospital.
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tine in matters of the public health, both of men and animals,
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large, being about 68 per cent. The youngest person thus
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leprosy. Paraleprosis, however, requires further investigation.
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world have underestimated the use of hydrology in physi-
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result of ovaritis, it is less, if at all, affected by the galvanic current.
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that the tissues in immediate contact with a primary cancer are very
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portion of the barrier. From Capo di Monte to Vesuvius, the hills gradually
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Prof, of Surgery, Trinity Medical College, Toronto.
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throbbing heart and choking fear, clinging to my mother in
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nary causes. As the latter possesses the greater interest and impor-
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other drug contained in the materia medica. Now, I would
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another man. He is a friend of most of us. The idea of the
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is maintained at only one or two degrees above the normal maximum.
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stained renders them clearl\- distinguishable from the irregular spots
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to be in the habit of taming down and rendering more easy to drive the
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At a meeting of the Clinical Society of liondon, on January 26th, Mr. Cooper
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well as Dr. Joseph Painter, president of the AMA, will be participating
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Ether not entirely harmless ; Internal use of chloro-