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Opusculum de judiciis urinarum j per colores et contenta (a) j A collection of Receipts or Cures
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Where the peritoneum, in relation with the uterus, is involved,
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Collation: No fly-leaves. || I 14 , 2 1G -4 10 , 5 18 , 6 lc -io lfi , 1 i 15(1G) . || No fly-leaves. 1, 1. 2. and
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Agathias (latter half of the sixth Century), the Greek historian and poet, was a native of
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tumid; true, but no circumstance is more common in scrofula. —
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the questions and topics participants have identified.
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4. S. Ephraim Syrus' Fifth Homily, on Hermit Life (f. 16).
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gonorrhoea by inoculation must be mentioned, but cannot be
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This last note is by Dr. J. H. Teacher. See his Catalogue of the Anatomical and
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posterous. Many of the congenital peculiarities observed in chil-
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management of disease; and just as this indication made its im-
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les individus qui se prêteront aux essais de ces nouvelles substances chimiques. Le
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are of opinion, that on the occasion referred to, it was clearly
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Sick day plans need to be made with your health care provider before illness occurs. These are
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mixture, the carbonates of soda and ammonia, small doses of laud-
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(proper), with three bleeding wounds in front of a tree (proper).
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3. Fr. Petrarch's Dialogues on the Despising of this World : (Incomplete.)
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médical et sur la recherche médicale. Ce texte élargit les règles du droit actuel qui est
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librum nobilis cum primis | et humanus vir D. a Rossyth | 1570.
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ly; the cold is more sensible. In all fevers, the phenomena indicative of
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the elements of bile, and that of the hepatic artery, after having
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remarkable that the two sexes are about equally affected in
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(assuming that there is no concomitant nasal hypertrophy)
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was readily made. The first suture was placed by inserting the
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mencement, the discharge slowly reappears a few days after
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sinking at once, indicates a largish area of sub-acute urethritis
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idy rate, or so it appeared i and we managed to pass our
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have ascribed an excessive importance to the liver, and others
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an ounce of water, might answer for a trial. — Lancet December 1 841.
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by violent pain in the epigastrium ; fever ; enlarged pancreas
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Binding : Millboards, covered spattered calf, gilt-tooled edges and panelled back,
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trypanosome found 184 times. Koch is steadily pursuing the
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to be useful and important. The hatred of Broussais and his fol-
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eating of Hominy boiled in a copper vessel, it which it remained all
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viates this inconvenience, and consists in placing on the head of
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to the fluids, phthisis, according to M. Cruz Jobins, is much more
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no effect is produced. Such facts, doubtless, render it probable,
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upon imperfect hematosis, and that this is owing to the altered and
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Galvanism — a cure for the bite of reptiles. — M. Breschet in the
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On the fly-leaf is this title, apparently in William Hunter's handwriting : " History
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cheek the freshness of health, and not the flush of approaching
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thousands of families. The houses are roofed with lead and tin
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