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abdominal muscles, in consequence of which the respiration is suspended,

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in young subjects whose gums are sound and whose teeth are kept clean by

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hand, frequently follows acute or subacute catarrh, developed in the course

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present in the cystic duct, adhesions may be constricting the duct. The

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ever, with the best that could be done it was found only 40 to 50% of

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out its entire extent. Ecchymoses are common in the mucosa as well as

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prolonged suppuration. In the mucous membrane the vessels are affected,

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prophylactic dose of human convalescent measles serum. Very con-

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the earth in which the worms were confined. After a few weeks both the

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between the attacks of pain, with the occurrence of jaundice and tenderness

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allow the aftercoming head to pass through the cervical ring. But in

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is the strangulated hernia, which is dealt with in surgical text-books.

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of four or five hundred flieep, ftrong, adtive, vigilant, intelli-

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J.ayhrd, Peter, M. D. F. R. S. his account of the fjmptoms

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amount of movement at the wrist is still possible. Occasionally the

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the incessant vomiting as a rule will not admit their use. Large rectal

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frequent after that as age advances. Its onset is seldom sudden but

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intestinal coils are not seen, the onset of the collapse does not

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the liver, if it is held back and front between the hands, care being taken

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several healthy people are simultaneously seized, and there is a history

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present the patient is instructed to return the following morning for

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" granted therein. It fiipplied the demands for the fupport of

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says that he has found a special form of bacterium in the urine, a bacillus

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miv" ^/"''^^^./^^^'f °" «-ys editorially, "Comn.ercially it is much easier to

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tliick of body, ratlier fquare than long, with a large

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embedded, increases rapidly in size, exhibiting at the same time active

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It is very unsafe to venture on a prognosis in beriberi, for, even in appar-

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very few cases, lesions of the cervical region of the cord (tumour or soften-

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This occurs with comparative frequency, and forms a small ruddy body,

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ally observed in the kidneys, generally in association with gummata in the

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Rheumatoid Arthritis — The treatment of this disease is entirely

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the sli])])('ry ridge on which he walks, and send him sliding to

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muscles, the complicated nervous mechanism, or even the walls of the

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great importance in the stomach, inasmuch as the secretion of the glands is

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The fhorter a horfe's hack is, the better he gallops

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diminishes until it is finally lost. Bacilli retain their vitality for from two

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greyish, coherent, dry, hard, and difficult to spread out evenly on a cover-

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from such of their metabolic products as are set free in the culture media,

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proper appreciation of the cause. There is perhaps no other condition

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The headache of cerebral syphilis has certain peculiarities, which may

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caufe to differ from them, I have affigned the rea-

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they are constipated, but the stools are never clay-coloured. The urine

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tension of the bacillus, in which it is developed, and thus is formed what

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