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Marm6 concludes his paper by describing the mode of detecting

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an amorphous deposit, from whatever solution it may be obtained.

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"I directed leeches to be applied below the occiput; they produced marked

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excessive vomiting. Those who saw him at this time affirmed after-

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considerable number of cases remain for which none of the

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These little tumours are manifestly congenital, but are never-

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cylinders, present the most varied forms and most diverse

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tion, in a pretty extensive trial of it has tended to confirm. It

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during the ensuing day. — New York Journal of Commerce. T. R. B.

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thereafter he laboured under all the symptoms of acute bronchitis, and he had

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of the spinal cord, were found. Dr. Peacock (see number of this Beview for Oct,

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HENRY PACKER, M.D., and CONLEY H. SANFORD, M.D.* Memphis, Tenn.

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commonly received opinions respecting its function and passing

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In the case of one-sided distortion of the pelvis, tumine; is hardly

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amine the reports of M. Bouillaud, who, as is well known, claims to have been

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fcetal movements were also felt. Depaul's cephalotribe was then ap-

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hospitals are conducted on a routine system, often or, in

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The reader is referred to chapters dealing with the

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Society, 835 Republic Building, Denver, for further