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For many eminent men following the lead /-(^present the same view which I had the

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But if there are distinct tubercles, and there is any spreading,

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indeed, if the patient be properly wrapped up out of doors, and

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flatulence and abdominal pains. Small doses of quinine with

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ing from infected streams, or (d) by the bringing of the or-

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On March 18th she went out, saying she was quite well. (See

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a most abundant crop of crystals of oxalate of lime after free

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mal equilibrium between the venous and even in diphtheritic conjunctivitis and

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say that it is due to any one thing, as tuber- ^re not the real causes of his insanity, as

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produce force; but we need hardly tell our readers that the

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Five observations of pulmonary tubercu- action on the elimination or the phosphates

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any sensible effect. There are such cases on record ; but Dr.

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And. again, as if summing up all his arguments upon this point, he

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are generally regarded as non-exedent lupus attacking the

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New Method of Treatment for Otorrhoea. By James Yeaesley, Esq.,

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spreading ulcers. The submaxillary lymphatic glands on the

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reply is, that as soon as these compound drugs can be accurately

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recognized as streptococci, for example, the diplococcus (yl//<:r£'-

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employed. Proceeding on the known fact that, next to sub-

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formity of result, but this is not the case; the improvement is

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uteri. Dr. Tyler Smith has modified the operation by alternating

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vailed in all this region of country during the winter season. It

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however, the results of the test experiments with these dif-

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March 1st. — Hooping-cough three or four times a day ; seems

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flocculent fluid. In acute, rapidly developing cases, there may

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cases, as for instance those of old breeding ewes, the internal

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enormous dose, except that the next day, a single free evacuation

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ably accessible, and is one of the most beau- as many members together as that of the

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a bougie ; but this does not invalidate the position that permea-

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charming, and in general not too highly coloured, of the natural

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of carbolic acid applied for ten hours failed to kill the spores^, ,

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There are a large number of morbid conditions more or

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in pure culture. This bacillus stains readily with the aniline

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number of different influences, which agree in nothing except in

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