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tions; the net beams were in part swollen and others broken up.
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methyl-blue granules of Alzheimer (1). This kind of granules
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length of the Ime in millimeters gives the nmnber of cells in a
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I arrived at a conclusion similar to that of Monro, that the
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In order to make final decision, it will be necessary to trace the
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septum in the characteristic plexiform manner observed in other
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by the rectum. Alcoholic stimulants may be administered hy enema,
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of fatal than of non-fatal cases — in fact, it occurs in a small proportion of
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rity to the old tennon suture. I have not had as yet any op-
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Ranson, S. W. 1912 The structure of the spinal ganglia and of the spinal
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account for the intermittency of the s3^mptoms, and the pressure on the
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tions. Cloth, $4 00; leather, $5 00. {Just Issued.)
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thinning, the surface being moist and of a natural color, betokens conva-
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on the night before. On arriving at her residence I found her
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Clinical History. — The clinical history will embrace an account,
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and death takes place, without the occurrence of convulsions. Occasion-
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ceeds ^from inflammation which at the outset was subacute, is distin-
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to expel, by coughing^ matter in the air-passages. Paral3'sis atfecting the
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hours to three or four days. In cases of great gravit}^, the duration is
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six of these ganglia, along the lingual nerve they are far more
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climates, suggests the inquiry, whether it may not be advantageous for
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marked degree, in cases of malarial fever, the coloration being due to the
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vance of this medicine's application, in hospital and private prac-
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of the principal obstetrical instruments in use in Ame-
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other. Thus the tliiyli hone is somewhat shorter tlian it ought to be,
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sorbed, leaving the organs more or less atrophied. According to these
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served. The eyelids are but partially closed, the eyeballs being raised so
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nor that the malarious poison producing it is portable. Having once ex-
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8). This would indicate that one of the main differences in
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grounds for the inference that it requires for its production a special
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through vaso-motor nerves, contraction of the arteries of the cord. This
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Among the neuroglia cells of the synapse of the Mauthner cell
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It is certain that this inabilit}^ to utter words exists when the intelli-
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agent in the blood. Cephalalgia, it is well known, is produced b}' differ-
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Having thus attempted to present to you in a hasty and very
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