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On October 15, 1896, Dr. Hollister married Elaine, daughter of

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quibron tablets side effects

of rabbits and mice" [p. 253]. Of splenic fever (anthrax) he

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wishes for usefulness and success we then proffered the "Annals"

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ion ; for his deceit, and for his envy, wrath, fraud, and injustice,

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thority in these subjects. Returning to New York, he opened an office

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muscular rheumatism seems to be quite often occasioned by meteorological

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examination of both apertures, because it is not always possible to

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Buffalo General Hospital from 1903 to 1909, when he was appointed

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intimacy of long friendship, specially attracted and im-

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taught for three years, his intention being to enter as soon as he

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Italy, Switzerland, France and England. He served for three and

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the exquisite accuracy of the portrayal of all that goes to make

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rheumatism. As we have already mentioned, in the beginning of the disease

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indications of the present case to the pathogenetic effects of cer-