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lieved. Cases may be brought out of concussion by manipulation of the

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suppuration (purulent infiltration) ; (3), abscess; (4), gangrene; or (5),

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them. The peritoneum is red, congested, and thickened. On autopsy,

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Treatment. — The treatment consists in determining the cause, then

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of diet in fevers, recently it has been regarded with more favor, and those

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Fever. — Rise in temperature is so constant a symptom of phthisis that

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gravity, and may consist of a thin clear fluid, or it may be thick like

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When some of the sputa is put in water, the froth floats and is connected

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Acute Hydrencephalus is caused by meningitis, and usually results

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and agminated glands, occurs. The epithelium itself, in most cases, un-

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no such excess, and the deposit takes place when certain alterations have

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walls l)ecome greatly thickened, and it may become convoluted.

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large number of patients with acute ne])hritis un(]ue.stionably die from the

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lar or bronchial breathing marks the second stage, and is even more intense

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tagion. There are no facts to sustain the views as to the parasitic nature

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Foreign Bodies in the Urethra. — Foreign bodies of all kinds may be

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theoretical grounds it is improbable that either method could do good,

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iind painful, or smaller, shriveled tabs of skin, quiescent and usually pain-

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applied, however, two or three times in twenty-four hours. Subcutane

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lines of the lobules will be indistinct. This condition is called induration.

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no way characteristic. Early in the disease the fibrin and white cells are

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of vascular tension attendant upon some supreme muscular effort may

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the liver, is elicited in the following manner : place three fingers, slightly

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