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in many cases the tongue becomes covered with aphthge, typhoid symptoms
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most instances, after a few hours the patient recovers from the shock
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The treatment is osteopathic, and consists in removing any pressure on
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Treatment. — The treatment is similar to that for osteomyelitis.
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in apposition, the dressing should lie left: alone. This rule should be
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duces in the rah'es and valvular orifices, causing abnormal changes in the
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Differential Diagnosis. — Cerebro-spinal fever may, in children, be con-
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breathing in capillary bronchitis; the vesicular murmur is feeble, and
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quite frequently present the shaven beard appearance. In some cases
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beyond its etiology, it does not differ from flatulent colic. It may be
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in their articulation with the carpus is rare. Subluxations are 'fairly
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and hydro-peritoneum. The circumstances nnder which it occurs are
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