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secondary invasion. When this invasion occurs, it is usually late in
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she developed a typical case of pellagra with erythema, diarrhea and great
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ment as to the action of the accelerator nerves, it is assumed thai
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that the demonstration of such uniformity may have an important
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Defective Convergence. — In 1883 Mobius 13 " first drew attention to a
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again it is probably the habits of the race that are in fault, rather than
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veins of the neck as an undulatory contraction synchronous with the
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48 to 80 per cent, according to the protein examined. Contrary to
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competent authors. I mention at least the well-known case of Horsley
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The systolic heart murmur is, however, more obstinate and yields only
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occur, such as vomiting and difficulty in swallowing, are also of
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that 5.7 gm. of calcium oxid, out of a total excretion of 6.3 gm., was
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acquainted with the method that she is able to execute it in a sitting
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excessive number of pellagrins recorded as having the initial attack in
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test is made of every patient admitted, we have here very nearly all
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the ankle, although the outlines of the latter are quite lost; it is no
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Case 11. — A man, aged 62, entered the hospital Feb. 26, 1914. A diagnosis
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ishing. But the rate of recession varies much. In favorable cases
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times and tested to see if we could find any difference in their cyto-
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definite records and the ratio of the observed recurrences to this being
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(the oil is very active) and Cypripedium pubescens; possessing but
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that he was able to make a report of one hundred and one eases as
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sides to some extent, and the patient may become conscious ; the body
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tery is seen to be contracted and rendered oval for a short part of its
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tis and deep dermatitis, probably excited by slight injuries acting on
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pharynx; it may be mistaken for abscess of the tonsil. The finger
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months, produces lesions in the spring; and that when fresh vegetables
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arteriosclerosis. In chronic renal disease for a protracted period,
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observed between the maximum and minimum pulse pressure or dias-
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nection with the true fatty degeneration of the heart.
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nation. It was then observed clinically for some time and the organ-
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been absorbed and would have contributed to the lethal effect. In
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systoles may (in the absence of electrocardiograms) present a picture
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and cessation of development ; but later all symptoms of pellagra appear and
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branches are almost always due to the changes of pulmonary tuber-
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at this time in the functional activity of the kidneys, and since it has
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lent lymphangitis. In mild and favorable cases the mischief is limited
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found it present in 18 out of 41 cases, but Russell Reynolds ,3U in 4