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epidemic diarrhoea, and the same argument applies to condensed milk and

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the characters of the cells and the consistence of the intercel-

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Whereas: — In the death of Dr. Meade, the Medical Prof ession has lost an able,

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are strictly forbidden. Bathing the whole frame daily with a sponge or

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both sides, facts without number might be adduced in support of each

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there seems to be a disposition to regaril the latter as

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could provide for many worthy causes and still leave the

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aU who enter in that way are quacks, only strongly intimated

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Splendid speeches were made by Dr. T. J. Redelings of Marinette, councilor

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both instances about two months before the height of

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dehrium, or epistaxis. The drinking of water should be encouraged,

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words, to explain when and at what point such variations are to be regarded

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It is very common in ulcerative cases to find evidence of

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entirely, or in such a way, that they only partly reach other ganglia, and thus they can be reflected many times. It

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awareness and PAC, we work to enlighten all voters,

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able conduct, as against the conduct of the second class

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Rheumatism, either the acute or the chronic form, may be due to

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cellular infiltration around the capillary vessels and in the intravaginal

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tions, workshops and annual meetings; by forming the Cost Effective-

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there is obstruction in the pyloric end of the stomach or

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I feared the worst, but felt that he should be given

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the fright and distress which that gave rise to caused the death of

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Children. From the Medical Record, Dec. 11, 1S97. By Louis Fischer, M.D., New York.

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will articles of more than 4,000 words be published.

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overfilling of the hospitals with influenza patients, which took place

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formation to the adult state; therefore, clearing of the land in limited

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treatment with acids at high temperatures in sealed tubes and of fusion with

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ill! 1- > >u- 1-' supposed that these institutions send forth in

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suffering very severe pain. Now, I have here a solution of a

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be made with wines or other spirituous liquors, but the principle

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Dr. Bailey concerning the use of antiseptics, I would say that sulphur is one

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Nux vomica was beneficial. In a few cases diarrhoea ensued,

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uniformly distended ; the umbilicus protrudes ; the liver is palpable

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catheter, was adopted, and he considered it most agreeable

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Slates sorviee, died in .Vew Orleans on the 1:5 1 st ultimo.

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particular instances, either favor the essential influence directly

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cially needed by the medical student in all that re-

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The numbc^, aiithr.iticity, and appofitc application of the cafes

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foot. Med. Rec, N. Y., 1885, xxviii, 111 —Steele (A.J.)

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physical geography which can possibly account for the phenomena of the glacial

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and easy transport ; (3) an empty stomach. In antero-

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onty he dya<^i'ed to liglit bi/ the jnvfeision itself,

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consideration suflices to show that the resemblance is

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that cold and exposure, injury, excitement, and sometimes an