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this lapse into the vice of paronomasia, in excuse for which

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the (Indian medical) service as the long-continued reduction

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disease resulting from v.accination that T feel it my duty to write

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required when the remedy was injected beneath the skin.

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will not be paid by the working class, and low charges bring

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cases no operation was performed, and the results obtained by

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irnportance to life, "and to the process of repair after injuries,

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still continues to somewhat prevail at Copenhagen, 167 cases

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atheroma of tliose vessels, but, on p. 434, he alludes to the

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not do so. .11 andti2 Vic., c. 121, section 1, made, it' unlawful for a person

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34— principally in Brittany and Flanders— the births exceeded

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HrBBARD, H. A. Smith, G. McI. C. Smith, J. G. Hulbert.

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Leith. The 390 deaths registered in Glasgow included 37 from measles,

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The Conference Committee, liovvever, proc?eded with the

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An Old and Constant Reader. (B) Mr. W. E. Black, Glasgow ; Mr. C. J.

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plored on October 2Sth, 1S90, on account of marked symptoms of renal

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lUingworth, in the course of which he says : At another time I shall

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he considers to be a new form of contagious mental disorder,

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their origin and progress they were apt to be associated with

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(1) The empowering burial boards to refuse the sale of land for

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she said, ' it is blue, the flames mount,' and she rose from her

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riuoted at the Lawrence Asylum, that school is only ih mil-s from the

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Amongst other questions which are ripe for discussion is

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On January 18th the twitchings had quite ceased. It was.

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slave. It is sad to see the wretched assemblage of such

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The nature of this inflammatory process was discussed, and

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ercise of his experience aud judgment, sliould be empowered to allow a

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work is among the most neglected of all. Some of the im-

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protection of the Colonial Office regulations. The Attorney-

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gently. He was moving about the ward by September l"th, but as the

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in Dublin included 17 which were refen-ed to the principal zymotic dis-

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civil war, and afterwards very successful in civil practice at