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liability of one or other sex to contract the disease. Up to
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Case iv. To be On„ii>a'ed with the Aboiie.~X gentleman aged 2.5 had
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Assistants.— Danffers of the Public Pai-ks.— Presenilation to
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them is disused, and for reasons already explained should be
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Honorary Secretary of the British and West Indian Associa-
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the close of the week there were some .150 patients under treatment for
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and the patient made a complete recovery. In this case it seems prob-
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attack lasted for a week, during the first three days of which
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Commimicafions. — The following papers were read : Mr. F.
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list of specimens I furnished to tlie Committee, I did not
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jurisdiction, the Committee advises the exercise of power by
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Dr. Atthill said that the rejections at both the licensing
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and meaning of contagion. They point out, what is only too
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ceased shown signs of mental unsoundness. In the case of
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Wb published on March 4th (page 473) a short account of the
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He was a good scholar and excellent lecturer, and an
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rate from diseases of the respiratory organs in these towns was equal to
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phonal. The average period of addiction has been 8J years.
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is that I consider all operators should publish their failures
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We understand that Dr. AVilliam Leslie Mackenzie, Medical
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has been made against you to the effect that you share with mc the cost i
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Many of them hold that they should have an absolute right
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tions : The Brompton Consumption Hospital ; the Children's
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be able to perform the duties of a clergyman up to within a
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prisoner who argued on conviction that "one must live." <2) If we
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Mosso's views of brain poisoning by some toxic substance
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reward more expeuces for tlieir healtli. but do ignorantly upon presump-
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means (such as felt, etc.) are employed to make the ceiling heat-
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deserving of the reward. Of course the qualifying period of twenly
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iridectomy at that part of the iris wliich responds best to
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tion I have many times reproduced these conditions as an
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a tentative proposal, and as such it was probably intended by
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less conspicuous individually. This fact may possess a
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I'OO in Blackburn and in Halifax and 203 in Burnley.
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ga stric ulcer, tollowedbyab dommalseciion an/gastrorrlh«,phY,
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The formation and recognition of separate Branches for Victoria at
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ployed, but come to the conclusion that they are of palliative
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turned to Buda-Pesth, where he was appointed Assistant in
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A iustly-indignant correspondent sends us a type-written circular marked
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did not consist of abuse of the medical profession, was de-